Having fun with WordPress and updating my site. The old site was done in the mid 1990s with hand coded HTML. I’m going to replace all the pages and galleries eventually, but for now I should be linking to all the content that used to be on my old site.

About Brad

Physicist, engineer, Internet Oldtimer. People say I started the 1st Affiliate Program. When asked about me, some say I’ve been around since dirt. I’m not that old!


Yes, I’ve been online forever (Classifieds since 1994) so I have lots of experience in Web, marketing, affiliate, mobile apps, and more. I also used to blog a lot in the early 2000s for ReveNews and the official ad:tech blog.

I’ve moved quite a bit into mobile now, and my company makes apps. We’ve done hundreds of them for ourselves and others. We can do yours too.

Public Service

I was elected to the Redondo Beach Unified School District Board of Education in 2013 (and re-elected in 2017) where I have been board president twice. I also served four years on the board of the Southern California Career Technical Education (SoCal ROC) school where I was also President of the board.

I was appointed to the City of Redondo Beach EIFD Public Financing Authority Board of Directors in July 2019. This board will oversee this new financing district which will enable the improvement of the property to include open spaces, coastal access, a wetlands remediation, and park lands – among other environmental benefits to the area.

In 2020 I decided to run for Redondo Beach City Council. The election will be an all mail vote, with ballots due March 2, 2021.


I also spend a lot of my time volunteering. I have served at every level of the PTA in California, with numerous positions at the unit and council level, and a few at the District and State level too. I was elected Director of Communications for the Thirty-Third District PTA for the 2015-2017 term. I served as Vice President for Communications for the California State PTA from 2017 to 2019. I am currently serving as Director of Membership for the Thirty-Third District PTA.

Ancient History

In 1985, I won a contest which was featured on national television. See it here: MIT 2.70 Ping Pong Harvest 

Here’s a fun video of us loudly driving away from our wedding.


The Chevelle

My 1967 Chevelle SS396 daily driver.

Video tour of the Chevelle: YouTube
LED Brake Lights: Night, Day

The basics:

Pictures (some by request for reference):

  1. Chevelle a few years ago
  2. Used Edelbrock Performer Intake
  3. Procar seat and Child seat with Crow harnesses
  4. The new 17×9.5 V45 Wheels


This is my 1966 Corvette Convertible. I bought this car in 1989 and it was, to be polite, modified. Red paint with gold flakes, small steering wheel, burn your legs off sidepipes, and HUGE wheels and flared fenders. I since had the body work done to put it back to stock (Black) and fixed it up a bit.

Taking the car out for a drive: YouTube
Second video from the Corvette: YouTube

About the car:

    • 1966 Corvette Convertible (pix)
    • 4 speed M20 transmission (from a 1967 ‘vette – serial # 7S113708)
    • 3:36 rear gears
    • The first engine: 327/about 360-375 horsepower before it self destructed
    • The second Engine: 350/~450? horsepower
      • 2-bolt 400 block (3951511 casting, date 1 18 72), magnafluxed, bored (4.156″ bore) and honed with torque plates, squared and decked, align honed, and with ARP main studs.
      • All clearances blueprinted and Block has been squared and decked to .010″ deck height.
      • All oil gallerys have been smoothed and all casting flash removed from the oil drainbacks.
      • Melling HV oil pump with blueprinted clearances.
      • 3.25″ forged 4340 steel crankshaft (original GM piece for a 327), lightened, cross-drilled and chamfered, and polished.
      • Forged 6.30″ Ford 300″ I-6 connecting rods. Polished beams, shotpeened, ARP ‘Wave-loc’ rod bolts installed.
      • New Oliver/King’s bearings
      • JE custom forged ultra-light pistons.
      • File fit Speed Pro moly rings
      • Entire rotating assembly has been internally balanced
      • SFI approved Fluidampr balancer
      • All clearances have been blueprinted, and it uses Oliver/King’s bearings throughout.
      • Custom ground Comp hyd. roller camshaft, 220/228 @ .050″, ~0.5″ lift, with 114 lobe center
      • Comp tie-bar roller lifters
      • Comp springs, retainers, and locks
      • Crane rocker arms.
      • Cloyes True-Roller timing chain
      • MSD 6A
      • Holley Avenger Carb
      • Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads, milled to drop the chamber to 58cc
      • Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake
      • Engine Parts before assembly
      • Assembly has started
    • Suspension completely redone by Dick Guldstrand
      • Stiffer springs and shocks
      • hard rubber and urethane bushings
      • Braided stainless steel brake lines
      • Wilwood calipers with custom adapters
      • Parts list too long to type…
    • Was: Knock-off wheels (repro) with BFG 235/60-VR15 Comp T/A tires
    • Then was: Vintage 45 16×8 wheels with BFG 245/45-ZR16 Comp T/A R1 tires
    • Is now: Vintage 45 wheels with BFG g-Force Sport COMP-2 245/50-16 tires
    • Headers
    • Sidepipes
    • 1967 big block hood
    • Red interior


The Waller Family


After Mari’s Adoption ceremony with the Lawyer and the Judge

Lots of Picture Pages:

Parts and other galleries